Plastic Packaging Bags Manufacturers

Plastic packaging bags and plastic bags are our main products. We, PT. Reka Mega Inti Pratama, is a company that produces quality plastic packaging bags and plastic bags products for diverse markets. We use the injection molding process as the predominant method for producing plastic parts and we work with our clients to deliver unique solutions for their specific plastic products needs.


Our Services 

To fulfill plastic packaging bags and plastic bags market demand and our customers needs, we only provide and sell high quality plastic bags and plastic packaging bags products, from selection of raw plastic materials to finished plastic packaging bags and plastic bags products.

We also do on-time sales transaction according to our customers request. Our marketing delivery network covers the whole provinces in Indonesia. We also export to overseas through partnership with selected reputable forwarder.



 Protecting and preserving the environment are core values at Reka Mega. Our long term vision is to see a healthy and safe planet for future generations. This is why Reka Mega is dedicated in doing our best to create products that can minimize waste in our landfills.
In keeping with the company’s mission and objectives; Reka Mega is hereby committed to implementing the following measures to reduce the impact of its activities, manufacturing processes, products, and services on the environment:

  • To prevent water, air, and ground pollution.  
  • To conform to municipal, provincial, and federal legal requirements. 
  • To implement ongoing environmental responsibility training and awareness programs with our personnel and stakeholders.  
  • To implement recycled materials into finished products were applicable (reducing costs to our clients and to help reduce waste in the landfills).